How it Works
If your car has at least 1,000 miles or 30 days left on the original full factory warranty, Certified Auto Brokers can provide you with a true fleet price, complete wrap-around extended warranty service program.

You can get up to a seven year, 100,000 mile coverage program for all makes and models. All you need to do is fill out the Warranty Information Form.

• Save 30 -50% off retail agencies prices for identical coverage
• Take your car anywhere for repairs
• Roadside assistance, towing and car rental included
• Warranties good in USA and Canada!

Superior Coverage
Certified Auto Brokers features Platinum Plus coverage which provides mechanical break-down coverage for repairs or replacements of all:
• Manufacturers factory-installed mechanical
  and electrical operating parts
• Assemblies except maintenance services and
  parts recommended in the Manufacturer’s stated
  maintenance requirements, etc.


Reliable Service
Our program deals directly through one of the safest and most reliable service contract providers available. Our provider is one of the only companies to specialize solely in new and pre-owned automobiles and has an A+(Superior) rating as one of the top five reinsurers in the US.

Call us for details on the the stress-free solution to protect your vehicle!